If you’ve observed that your pavement is displaying more and more wear over the years, you probably wonder whether now is the best time to have your asphalt pavement be replaced or repaired. It could be hard to determine if the problem you’re seeing is usual wear and tear or something that you must be worried about. To make sure, you need a pavement expert to assess your pavement and assist you in determining what measures you must take next. Below are some of the common indicators that your driveway might require to be replaced or repaired: 

Fading or discoloration 

Over the years, the sun will make your driveway discolored and faded. Apart from the fact that it causes fading, the sun’s strong rays could weaken your driveway’s surface as well. Depending on your driveway’s age and how fragile it has become, you can stop more damage by sealing it. But if it’s already too fragile, it would perhaps be a great idea to have your driveway replaced.  

Drainage issues 

Another indicator for you to consider having your driveway replaced or repaired is when the water is pooling and does not drain properly. Once the water pools or sits in one place of your pavement, it could possibly make the asphalt weak, leading to the formation of potholes and cracks.  

Large cracks 

On a driveway, cracks could be a total eyesore. Once you have a cracked driveway, there is a possibility that salt, gas, and oil can go inside the cracked parts. This could deepen and widen the cracks. Once you notice that there are minimal cracks on your driveway, you should definitely schedule a pavement repair to immediately seal them so that you can stop more cracking and prevent them from making it worse. 


On driveways and other surfaces, potholes develop once the water under the asphalt becomes frozen and then melts. The ground expands once the water freezes and the ground contracts once the water melts. Since the temperature typically rises and decreases, the recurring contracting and expanding of the ground could make the asphalt weaker followed by potholes. Moreover, one of the reasons why your vehicle suspends is because of potholes. Sure, you can patch potholes, however, a patch won’t fix the main issue. Hence, you might have your driveway replaced by an expert. 

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